Omegle: A survey

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post and I decided I’d come back and make a post, especially since I’ve been sick and I feel like I’m going to pass out if I do anything more than get up and go to the bathroom. I went to the chat website Omegle.

I went to my favorite section, the questions section. Sometimes I answer questions, but today, I decided to ask some questions. My questions were simple, and people enjoyed them. Then I started asking this:

Four questions: How old are you? What country are you from? Are you male, or female? And how much do you weigh?

They’re not hard to answer, just be honest, it’s a completely anonymous chat, unless you choose to reveal personal information. I thought by asking such a question, I’d bring people together, they’d realize they have something in common, and start talking. I didn’t realize I’d be stirring up so much trouble asking four simple questions.

The people answering gave me answers, such as, “I’m a unicorn,” and “I’m from Japan, I’m 99 years old and I weigh 570LBS!” I’d have to work harder to get the results I desired. It’s a simple survey type thing I was doing, why not try to figure out what country uses Omegle the most, what gender, what age, and weight, just for fun. I received the most interesting results from the gender, and weight. The reason the gender surprised me is because I didn’t realize how many females actually used the website. I took the answers of around 80 people, and nearly half of them were female.

I was surprised with the weight because there were so many people that did NOT want to reveal their weight, no matter what. I was cursed out for asking weight, I was told “ladies never reveal their weight,” and things like that. Most of the people declining to give their weight were female. In fact, all except for two of the 17 that declined to give their weight were female.

This isn’t a full list, but these are some of the responses I got from people.

13 Female Canada, said to never ask a girl’s weight.
26 Male Norway, around 70KG
13 Female United States, 100LBS (Actually said California as her country)
18 Male Canada, 165LBS
17 Male United States, 178LBS
18 Female United States, 90LBS
14 Female United States, 120LBS (This one also said California as her country)
19 Male United States, 160LBS
30 Male United States, 200LBS
16 Female United States, responded with “asking ppl their weight is RUDE and you should be ashamed”
25 Male Norway, 58KG
17 Female United States, 125LBS (This one said Texas as her country)
21 Male United States, 170LBS
18 Female United States, 162LBS
27 Male United States, 215LBS
20 Male United States, 190LBS
20 Female United States, said “none of ur business”
15 Female United States, does not say weight.
18 Male United States, 160LBS
17 Female United States, 205LBS
20 Male Mexico 165LBS

Interesting, isn’t it? As you can see, most of the people on this list (And the rest of the list) are from the United States. And a lot of the female users are under the age of 16, also interesting. I’ve been sitting here writing this, wondering why a lot of those girls are under 18, why are they on this website? What does this website have to offer them? Why, also, did they try to continue the conversation with the other person, and then sexualize the conversation? I don’t remember being like that when I was 14.

Maybe you have an idea. Leave your findings in the comments below.

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Just read a rant about a guy being stuck in the “friend-zone.” Would have responded to it, but I can’t, since I don’t have an account, and the comments are closed, so here.

Here’s why the “friend-zone” exists.
A guy’s friend doesn’t like him in that way, isn’t attracted to them. Would you date someone you’re not attracted to, or didn’t like in that sort of way? No. People “friend-zone” because they don’t want the other person getting their hopes up for a relationship, and don’t want to lead them on. Would you, as a guy, prefer to be in the “friend-zone,” or be led on? I’d take the “friend-zone.”

That’s why.

That’s why the “friend-zone” exists. It’s so that you don’t get your panties in a knot and ruin the friendship later on, when you find out “Oh, wait, I’m not going to get to date this chick,” and so you don’t waste your time if that’s all you want.

PS: off topic but.. I have a job now. so. yeah. I work at Wal-Mart. I stock shelves. Overnight. 10-7. go me!

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Vote For The Worst and American Idol

I started watching American Idol in 2006, the year Taylor Hicks won. I was ten years old. Why did I love Taylor Hicks so much? Well, because Vote For The Worst was there to guide me.

Through the years I’ve learned the tricks and covers the producers use to try and make their favorite win. Though I’ve only had an account on Vote For The Worst since a few weeks ago, I’ve worked years with these people. Eight, to be exact.

They helped teach me to find deception, and drastically change things, with only a few votes.

I’ve never voted for the worst on any other competition shows, since the only other competition show I really watch regularly is So You Think You Can Dance. But American Idol has rigged, especially this season. Candice did deserve to win, but did they want her to win? No. Kree deserved to be there (Especially with VFTW backing her), but did they want her to win? Even less than they wanted Candice to win.

Angie is who they wanted. Angie always bugged me for some reason, and I wasn’t sure why. I made that clear on the Vote For The Worst website, to which someone replied “Could it be because she looked fake and entitled?”

Why yes, yes that’s it. Someone finally put my mind at ease. It wasn’t her voice that bugged me, it wasn’t even the fact that she looks like Miley Cyrus (who I actually like), it was her shitty personality that came through that TV. I hope she watches the season back and sees how she came off. I would hope that she’s not really like that.

But my favorite of all season, was my dear, dear Lazaro. Through his stuttering, tight pants that quite nicely show off his Cuban junk, and his terrible singing, I found a love. Lazaro was my favorite in the beginning, because I thought he was actually good, and then, it happened. The fame, it got to his head. The stress, it got into his head. The comments, they destroyed my dear friend.

When Lazaro left, he had quite a nasty attitude. Hopefully my dear Lazaro will switch back to what he was before. A sweet, stuttering, Cuban mess of a singer.

I had wished that Kree would win, just because she was the least favorite, the producers made that clear. That would have been amazing. I put in 828 votes for Kree, and only 8 for Candice. The 8 for Candice were the 8 to see if her lines were tied up, they weren’t, which gave me hope that Kree would win, unfortunately, she did not.

I do hope that Candice has a fruitful career, she is a wonderful singer, and did deserve to win, even though it would have been fun for Kree to win.

I hope that Angie sees her errors with projecting herself as such a snotty person, and fixes them.

I hope that Lazaro goes back to his old ways, when people liked him for his good singing, instead of his bad singing.

And I hope that Vote For The Worst continues, even after the website is gone. Thank you, Vote For The Worst, and Dave, you’ve changed my views for the better, and taught me so much. Thank you for the years of voting, it’s been a pleasure voting with you.

Dave and Graig need funds for an adoption, if you would donate, I’m sure that would make their day.

See you all next year, I’ll be voting worst, as always. I hope you will, too.

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Black belt

On the 26th of April, I received my first degree black belt. I want to thank everyone here, on my blog, for helping me along the way. Whether you taught me, or I trained with you, you’ve all helped me a TON.

Thank you.

PS: I’m going to TRY to make more blog entries, even if it’s just about random things, so watch for them!

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