Update: Jessica Coleman

Wonder if the Sheriff’s Captain will get in trouble for this?

Remember Jessica Coleman? Jessica was 15 back in 1999 when she gave birth to a baby boy. Problem was, Jessica didn’t want a baby. And she didn’t want anyone to know she’d had a baby. So, she beat and stabbed her newborn son with scissors and gave his tiny body to her boyfriend, Thomas Truelson. He stuffed the body into a rock-filled duffle bag and tossed it into a flooded quarry.

Six months later, the baby’s body was found and for years no one knew who he was. He became known as “Baby Boy Hope.” And there it might have stayed, except that Jessica eventually confessed her crime to her current boyfriend, Matthew McKenzie, in May of 2005. Matt told a friend and couple of relatives and one of them went to the police.

Truelson could have gotten anything from five years’ probation to 11 years. He was eventually sentenced to two years, Jessica got three times that — six years. She could have gotten five years’ probation to 24 years. She has, of course, appealed her sentence.

Back in September, Oprah wanted to interview Jessica, but state prison officials said no. They don’t believe that prisoners should serve as celebrity champions on issues they’re serving time for.

Jessica’s attorney requested that her sentence be reconsidered, so Jessica was brought to a Lorain County Jail to await that hearing. The prosecutor objected, stating that Jessica’s appeal should be heard before the length of the sentence is reconsidered. The Judge agreed, and the hearing was postponed.

During the time that Jessica was in the county jail, however, Lorain County Sheriff’s Captain James Drozdowski decided he didn’t agree with the state’s position, and he approved of the interview.

Lorain County Sheriff

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  • gail Says:

    hey, i think i saw jessica working for service air at hopkins airport! am i right?

  • new zealand Says:

    I’m watching the Oprah interview right now (New Zealand is WAY behind on everything) and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that her crying just isn’t sincere!! I want to believe that she is upset about what she did, and I want her to spread the message about safe havens and other options to pregnant girls with unwanted babies, but I just don’t believe that she cares as much as she says she does.

  • Dianne Says:

    I’m also from New Zealand and have just seen the Oprah show. Firstly I agree that I have never see anyone cry for so long without shedding a single tear! Not even a trembling of the chin, just a furrowed brow. If however she was crying I believe it would more likely be because she felt sorry for herself rather than her poor dead baby. There can be no excuse for what she did. And what is with all the Christian bloggers on this page judging us for judging her! Get over yourselves! Hundreds of unfortunate girls in third world countries walk for miles everyday in the most appalling conditions seeking shelter or a safe haven in hope of finding some food or medical assistance for their babies. But this selfish girl decides a baby is just a bit inconvenient for her. So does she put the baby up for adoption? No, she stabs it (I’m not buying the stillborn claim, nothing except her word on that) smashes its skull and disposes of it, with the help of her boyfriend. It is a disgusting crime, and a well educated girl from an affluent country can have no excuse for what she did. This was not the actions of a scared confused girl, this was brutality. Not only was it brutal, it was calculated for heavens sake, she admitted the she needed to maintain a sense of normality by going to school and acting ‘normal’ so she could get away with her crime! If the good people of the US really find it within themselves to forgive this girl, then you need to have a hard look at yourselves and where your country is heading. The most vulnerable (that is defenseless babies, not selfish teenage cheerleaders) need to be protected by the standards and laws upheld by the society within which you live. You are setting a dangerous precedent
    if you are seeking ways to find excuses for this girl.
    I feel nothing but contempt for her, and believe me I should know, I was an unmarried mother at 16. So dont preach to me preachers. (And none of this frontal lobe nonsense either, I have also done psychology papers, believe me it is not an excuse for this sort of thing)

  • U beta fukn read this!!! Says:

    I had seen on Oprah’s show about your story I was a bit unsettle thinking how could any one do that but Jessica did.
    This is my opinion, how I feel and think about this topic.

    There should have been a safe haven law so that Jessica’s baby could of had a chance to survive no matter what. You have gotta be shitting me Jessica does not deserve to die there are fukn worser people out there that are total fukn maniacs. It is obviously she was confused and young she made a wrong decision with a bad outcome. At the age of 15 years old with a boy 3 years older than her is a BASTARD cause he would of knew better than to do what he was doing so no one should FORGET that arsehole played a role in this matter I’m trying to say not all girls know right from wrong just because young girls go out and have sex then get pregnant dosen’t mean they know what to do that is 2 DIFFERENT SITUATIONS.

    And AGAIN WHO THE FUK ARE YOU to say Jessica should get her tubes tied when she is RELEASED from prison it ain’t our fukn body CUNT it is her decision. At least Jessica CONFESSED 6 years later than never so that means she is REMORSEFUL for what she done.

    Don’t BLAME Jessica’s parents they did not let Jessica down in any way and the enviroment was not dysfuntional HOW THE FUK CAN SOME PEOPLE JUDGE JESSICA PARENTS “IF YOUR FUKN GONA JUDGE SOMEONE PARENTING YOU SHOULD SHOVE YOUR COMMENT UP YOUR ARSE BEFORE POSTING IT ON THIS WEBSITE IT AIN’T THE EASIEST FULL TIME JOB NOBODY AINT FUKN PERFECT” just because they didn’t have a clue about Jessica being in a difficult situtation dosen’t mean they have bad parenting skills IT AIN’T THERE FAULT.
    I do know what Jessica did was wrong and I understand that.

    Corvette11 your comment is totally fukn PATHETIC.
    DJ your comment sounds like you are BLAMING the parents.
    David your comment was just a fukn WASTE of time posting it on this web site.
    tsk tsk stop spamming the web site with your BULLSHIT.
    As for the person who posted their comment with (sorry this is so long)Well don’t you think 17 years old is different from 15 years old and WHY are you even trying to compare your lame as situation with Jessica’s the difference between you & her is that their are more support systems, help and more options now. Also your 17, have a partner who is willing to support you, baby. As for Jessica she didn’t have that she was 15 with a boy who is just a BIG FUK IN LIFE.

  • mary Says:

    yeah that jessica bitch should drowned in her own runny shit she is a baby killer and anybody who says she is sorry for what she do is a lier just like her

  • U beta fukn read this!!! Says:

    mary your comment is dum & sounds stupid

  • carlos Says:

    just to say !!! big kiss to you jessica and great forces for you alll makemistakes in our lifes

  • Billy Says:

    U, back up your claims. Your comments are dumb and stupuid. By the way, learn to spell.

    Carlos, what the hell are you talking about? Your grammar is so horrible that I can’t even understand you. Where is my Idiot to English Dictionary?

  • kc Says:

    I think she was in the wrong and she should of gotten more time in prision.I feel no sympathy for her at all,she was old enough to lay down and spread her legs than she is old enough to face what`s coming to her. I do not believe the baby was stillborn there is proof that she stabbed him.Being 15 is no excuse i was 15 when i had my daughter and i kept her and raised her.

  • WhiteyLOL Says:

    White Women = Devil’s Children
    After marriage they get morbidly obese and become a pain in the a**…That’s if they aren’t screwing like rabbits beforehand in which they turn out like Jessica Slutman or married and occassionally screw their husbands friends.

    Further proof that international women > than American female trash.

  • Jessica Says:

    Just so all you uninformed commentors know….The fact that she stabbed the child isn’t what killed him. When she fainted after giving birth, she fell on top of the child and that is what caused the head injury that killed the child. I am not saying what she did was right. It absolutely wasn’t. However, I think you should all get your facts straight before you start calling someone a heinous murderer. Additionally, each of you should keep in mind that she was 15 years old, and thinking with the mind of a child. I am sure all of you can admit that you didn’t make the best choices when you were that age. Does she deserve to be punished? Yes. Is she being punished? Yes. Safe haven laws are in effect now because of situations like this…because America doesn’t teach safe sex…because the society and world that we live don’t make abstinence a viable option for our children anymore. I just think it’s important for people to consider that their lives and decisions are their own and they shouldn’t judge others for the decisions they make. There is a difference between disagreeing/agreeing with another individuals decisions and judging the person for those decisions. None of you may agree with me, and that’s your choice, however I think you should get your facts straight before you start judging people.

  • ... Says:

    She didn’t stab the baby with scissors, she used a knife.

    Her boyfriend claims he didn’t tell anyone, someone overheard her confess.

    For the Jennifer person that commented that the baby was stillborn so it wasn’t as bad… you’re an idiot. There is no proof the baby was stillborn, he was probably alive until she fell ontop of him. And if he WAS stillborn, it would have to do with the fact that she had her boyfriend STAND ON HER STOMACH during her pregnancy, she was bulimic and anorexic throughout her pregnancy, and she got no type of prenatal care. That would kill a baby anyday. Either way, she killed him.

    The Tom boyfriend should have gotten just as long as her.

  • becca Says:

    I do not like the fact that Jessica killed her baby but you have to realize that not many kids her age know how to talk to their parents. When I was 15 I tried to talk to my parents and basically told me that if it happened to me they would kick me out. I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant and it was no picnic.
    Everyone in this society is different in their own beliefs and issues nobody should critize anybody.
    In response to abortion; I believe that if a women is raped or molested then it should be an option, no matter the age. However, I do not think that one should do it just to get rid of a child.
    I do not agree with her killing her baby; she will live with this for the rest of her life. Let her live her life; people do change and some for the better.
    I myself have a 12 yr old step-daughter and our communication is not all tha great; but that is because of her real mother and the abuse my step-daughter went through from her own mother. I have tried to talk with my daughter about sex; yes at age 12 they seem to be getting younger every year. My daughter is not one to talk about her body and sex but I do try.
    There was one person who commented on the parents; it is not always the parents fault; there are times when girls just do not want to talk about sexuality and their bodies; I know I was not one for it and neither is my daughter. It takes time for some girls to actually open up to thier parents. Girls nowadays are having sex at very early ages and there is not enough information out there for them; believe me I have looked, I have gone to doctors offices trying to find information about sex and teens and pubirty; there is not much out there.
    Society itself plays a role in how children grow up as well as the parents. There are parents out there that rant and rave about fat people and race, ect… So we as parents have to realize that everyone is involved in raising parents.
    If you actually look at this case the father got half of the time; that is normal. Men usually get the best deal.
    Jessica you need to look in yourself and forgive; you did do something wrong but God is the one that decides fate; not others.

  • Kate Says:

    I do not like the fact that Jessica killed her baby but you have to realize that not many kids her age know how to talk to their parents.

    So if a child doesn’t know how to talk to her parents, it is by extension okay for her to murder a helpless infant — we won’t like it, but it will be excusable?

    I suppose it was easier for Jessica to explain to her parents six years after the fact how she murdered their grandchild because she “didn’t know how to talk to them.”

    If she was that worried about telling her parents, she could have gone and told a nurse, a doctor, a social worker, a minister, a teacher, an aunt or uncle, a grandparent, a sibling, a trusted friend, a friend’s parents, the freaking police … she could have told someone who would have been able to help her and who could have protected her from her parents if that was necessary.

    She didn’t have to murder her baby and to dismiss her actions with “I don’t like it, but she didn’t know how to talk to her parents” is nothing short of asinine.

    It frightens me to think you’re raising children if you really feel this way.

    Everyone in this society is different in their own beliefs and issues nobody should critize anybody.

    Excuse me? You claim to be a parent — as a parent, you cannot possibly believe that no one should ever criticize anyone else.

    Criticism (of a person, as opposed to a literary work or a movie or whatever) is the expression of disapproval of one’s actions by pointing out faults and/or shortcomings; passing an unfavorable judgment on one due to their actions.

    If you see your child doing something wrong and you’re not allowed to express disapproval accompanied with the reasons why what they’re doing is wrong, how on earth are they supposed to learn to behave properly?

    If I hear a story on the news about how John Doe murdered his wife and three children and I’m not permitted to criticize his actions, how am I to tell my child that what he did was wrong?

    If a person murders three people and no one is allowed to tell him he’s wrong, then I guess no one is able to prosecute him and cast a guilty verdict against him, and he’ll not have to spend any time in jail for his deeds, because after all, we’re not allowed to criticize him.

    I sincerely hope you’re not using this abysmal logic in the raising of your children.

  • becca Says:


    I am a parent and a good one for that matter. You think that because of what I said makes me a bad parent. You do not know me and I do not know you. If you actually read my post I was talking about bad critism. My children get told when they do good and bad but I do not put my children down because they did something wrong. I do not call them a freak or stupid. That is what I am talking about. Jessica did something wrong but why should everyone keep saying she is a freak and stupid. That to me is bad critism. Jessica is wrong for what she did. Were you ever a teenager, could you talk to your parents? Not many can and I am not using this as an excuse but it is a fact. DO you ever get scared about something that you do or happened to you?
    Just for fact sake; I was molested and raped at a young age and up till I was 15, I did not know where to turn or who to talk to. I was scared. I was scared when I was pregnant as well and I hide mine as well.
    Jessica was a scared teenager not knowing who to trust or who to turn to but I do not think that killing her baby was right.

  • Kate Says:

    You think that because of what I said makes me a bad parent.

    I didn’t say it made you a bad parent. I said I sincerely hoped you weren’t using that sort of abysmal logic in the raising of your children and I said that if you truly felt that way it frightened me to think that you were raising children. You drew the conclusion that this would make you a bad parent. I left the matter up in the air.

    If you actually read my post I was talking about bad critism.

    Oh, you were talking about “bad” criticism? (Please note the word you are attempting to use is not “critism” it is “criticism.” Look it up if you don’t want to take my word for it.) In any case, I didn’t know there was such a thing as “good” criticism. Perhaps you meant “constructive” criticism? Regardless, however, you didn’t specify what sort of “critism” you meant, you merely said it was wrong to do so. How am I to read what you didn’t bother to write?

    Were you ever a teenager, could you talk to your parents? Not many can and I am not using this as an excuse but it is a fact. DO you ever get scared about something that you do or happened to you?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I was once a teenager, and of course I have been scared. And yes, I did and could talk to my parents. And I have raised three daughters to adulthood and have a 12 year old besides — and guess what? Every single one of them can talk to me, including the one who wound up scared, pregnant and unmarried at the age of 17. She not only talked to me about it, she also talked to my husband (her stepfather), and we talked to my ex-husband (her father) and his wife (her stepmother). We weren’t any of us thrilled with the situation, but we all did what most parents do: we offered her our unconditional love and support and we stood by her. Now she has a beautiful 17 month old son, and we have a beautiful 17 month old grandson. That’s what most parents do. Most parents stand by their children, no matter what.

    And I believe if you’ll go back and read what *I* had to say, you’ll see that I included a rather lengthy list of people Jessica could have gone to if she honestly didn’t feel she could go to her parents.

    Scared teenagers who don’t know who to trust or who to turn to are one thing — scared teenagers who choose to murder their babies and blame it on not knowing who to turn to are stupid. And they’re murderers, as well.

  • Ailene Says:

    MOST parents DO stand by their children, those who don’t are honestly few and far between. And as was pointed out there were any number of people who could have helped her if she honestly felt she couldn’t talk to her parents. If you’re old enough to spread your legs, you’re old enough to not murder your baby for the crime of being born. If she just absolutely couldn’t bear the thought of having a baby she shouldn’t have been having sex. I think her sorrow now is not over the baby she killed it’s over the fact that she’s being punished for her deeds. Boo hoo.

  • AMANDA from GASTONIA Says:

    In October of 2003 I had surgery for stomach cancer and the doctors told me I’d never be able to get pregnant…. I was devistated! So I understand how people feel that are mad about the J.Coleman situation. She could have confided in her mom or somebody. Plenty of people can’t have babies and would be more than happy to have taken “Baby Hope” from Jessica. I personaly think what she did was selfish and inconciderate. If she didn’t want to get pregnant then she shouldn’t have been having sex at all. Any young girl that is sexually active and not mature enough to have a baby should be using the only sure birth control… STOP HAVING SEX, don’t put yourself in that situation. 3 years and 2 months after my surgery(on Christmas Eve of 2006) I found out that I was pregnant and I was so happy that I cried and so did my husband (I had been dating him since April of 2003–6 months before I was told that I’d never be able to get pregnant)!! When I seen Jessica on the Oprah Show it broke my heart! I have not been able to stop thinking about it since!!!! I just wonder what goes through her head when she is sitting in her cell alone. I do believe that she should have gotten more than 6 years because she stabbed the baby. My question is the same as what Oprah asked “If he wasn’t moving then why did she stab him?” I also believe that her boyfriend is just as at fault as she is because he knew she was pregnant and helped her when he threw his son in the quarry. I think the judge should have ordered that both of them be “fixed” so they can’t have the glory of having a baby!!!! He was just a helpless baby that missed out on a life that could have been glorious!! My heart goes out to every woman out there that can’t have a baby!! DON’T LOOSE HOPE!!!!