40 Questions to Get You Thinking

Not a quiz — just pick one and think about it

And feel free to share your thoughts!

Questions beneath the fold.

1. What is my life’s purpose?

2. If I had to take a best guess at my life’s purpose, what would it be?

3. Who am I?

4. What is the most important thing in my life?

5. What do I love to do, more than anything else?

6. If I had only six months left to live, what would I like to achieve?

7. What would I like to leave the world, as my legacy?

8. What would I do with my life, if I knew I could not fail?

9. If money, or time, or current responsibilities were not an issue, what would I like to do with my life, more than anything else in the world?

10. What activities have I discovered that give me the most pleasure?

11. What do I still want to learn?

12. When I was a child, what did I dream of doing with my life?

13. What has been the greatest challenge that I have overcome so far in my life? Could I help other people to overcome that same challenge?

14. What challenge would I love to overcome, and then help others achieve the same?

15. Who are the people I most admire?

16. Why do I admire these people?

17. How would I define their life purposes?

18. What qualities do these people possess that I’d also like to be known for?

19. What is the biggest dream I have ever had for my life?

20. What would I like to do, if only other people didn’t think it was silly?

21. Where in the world would I most like to live?

22. Who would I like to live there with?

23. Where in the world would I like to work?

24. Who would I most like to work with?

25. What would my perfect day be like?

26. What would I like to do, RIGHT NOW, which would bring me the most happiness or pleasure?

27. What special gift do I have that I could give to the world?

28. What makes me cry with joy, or brings tears to my eyes?

29. If I could be granted the power to change one thing in (or for) the world, what would I do?

30. If I were given three wishes, what would they be?

31. What is something that scares me a bit, but would be really exciting if I did it?

32. What qualities do I possess that I am really proud of?

33. What have I done in my life that I am really proud of?

34. If I had time available to contribute to a charity, or some cause, what would it be?

35. What am I usually doing when I suddenly realize how much of my life is gone?

36. Where do I most want to go on my next vacation?

37. What do I want to do on my next vacation?

38. Who in history would I most love to be, and why?

39. What do I most regret not doing, so far in my life?

40. At the end of my life, what would I most regret not having done?

4 Responses to “40 Questions to Get You Thinking”

  • X Says:

    Yeah this is stupid. I most regret not kicking your fucking ass instead of reading this stupid blog.

  • Jeanette Says:

    *yawns at X* Anonymous people making stupid threats on the internet. What’s the matter, are you mad because your mommy is taking away your computer time?

  • Billy Says:

    I’m sorry but X doesn’t have the brain capacity to explain it’s point.

  • Knight Owl Says:

    Some people are such incredible piss-ants that they’ll whine and bitch about the movie even when the admission is FREE