Obama’s Birth Certificate Released

Begging the question …

WHY did it take so damn long? Why not just release it back in 2008 when it first became an issue?

He’s spent the last three years being stubborn and refusing to release it, now all of a sudden here it is. And not just the computer certificate either, an actual copy of the long form.

He could have ended all the bullshit speculation three years ago and gotten rid of the “silliness” as he calls it. Why didn’t he?

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9 Responses to “Obama’s Birth Certificate Released”

  • Billy Says:

    Obama’s an idiot. That’s why. Oh, did you see that the government is suing Boeing for opening a plant in South Carolina over some union bullcrap?

  • Cass Says:

    Do you really think releasing his birth certificate is going to stop the birthers?

  • Davis Says:

    You just can’t stand the thought of a well-educated black man being your president, can you? It’s a shame you wear your racism like a winter coat.

  • Kate Says:

    Davis, where the hell did that come from? First of all, I wasn’t sitting here insisting that Obama provide his birth certificate. My only question was why did it take so long? Why not just release it three years ago? It could already be ancient history by now.

    Secondly, where the hell did you come up with this racism crap? I can definitely “stand” the thought of a well-educated black man as the president. Hell, I can name quite a few I’d vote for. How about Herman Cain for starters?

    Do us a favor and crawl back under the rock you’ve been living under (or go back in your Mama’s basement, whichever applies) and let the adults speak without interruption, would you?

  • Billy Says:

    People who still play the race card should be shot.

  • blair Says:

    who is herman cain and why would you vote for him?

  • Kate Says:

    Blair, I will answer that question in a new post this weekend. :) Just not tonight, I’m exhausted!

  • Linda D. Says:

    Herman Cain is excellent. I love hearing him speak on th issues. I would vote for him.

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