Interesting view of “justice” …

And no, we’re not talking Casey Anthony.

Instead, we’re talking 28-year old Olga Zajac. Olga runs her own hair salon, and she just happens to have a black belt in karate.  So, when 32-year old Victor Jasinski decided he was going to rob Olga’s hair salon, he wound up with a whole lot more than what he bargained for.

After a single, debilitating blow to the head, Olga dragged her semi-conscious robber to a back room, stripped him, tied him up with hair dryer cable, and then force fed him nothing but water and Viagra while using him as a sex slave for the next three days.

She released him after he “learned his lesson” she said, adding, “Yes, we had sex a couple of times. But I bought him new jeans, gave him food and even gave him 1,000 roubles when he left.”

Both now face charges in Meshchovsk, Russia.

I dunno … what she did was wrong, sure, but he kinda deserved whatever he got, didn’t he? If she’d shot him, would she face charges now? Seriously, does “kidnapping” even apply (SHOULD it even apply) when the person you’re kidnapping was intent on doing you harm?

Atlanta Journal Constitution

7 Responses to “Interesting view of “justice” …”

  • Jeanette Says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. No, I think she was absolutely wrong. I can understand why she would knock him out and tie him up, he definitely deserved that, but the rest of it? That’s just too squicky and if the situation had been reversed, people would be screaming for his dick to be chopped off.
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  • S.O.B. Alliance Says:

    Interesting view of “justice” … #ohtcot

  • Jenn Says:

    Jeanette beat me to it. I think she would have been well within her rights to defend herself. But once you go to the extent of holding someone against their will and using them as a sex slave, all bets are off. You are a criminal.

  • Kate Says:

    I dunno, I still kind of think he deserved whatever he got. LOL

  • AlamoState Says:

    He tried to rob the shopkeeper, so he deserved the beat-down he got. He deserved to be restrained until the police got there. He did not deserve to be unlawfully imprisoned by the shopkeeper for days and only fed water and Viagra, nor did he deserve to be repeatedly raped by the shopkeeper.

    I never thought I’d hear a woman, any place, any time, condoning rape. That’s kind of shameful.

  • Kate Says:

    I’m not condoning rape. I’m saying it’s kind of karma.

    If she would have shot him — even killed him with a shot — no one would charge her with shit.

    And I fail to see how she “kidnapped” him (which is the primary thing I took issue with if you go back and read my entry) when HE came after HER and all she did was subdue him. That’s not kidnapping in my book. Rape? Sure. Unlawful imprisonment? Absolutely. Kidnapping? No.

  • AlamoState Says:

    Point taken. :) Clearly, things are, well, weird in parts of Russia.

    Weirder, still, is that the story made it to the Atlanta JC two years after the fact. One heckuva slow news day, that. LOL